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Wind ChaserA land sailor is essentially a three wheeled go-cart that has a sail and is powered by the wind. Our Wind Chaser® builds on that concept of simplicity to create a design that is inexpensive, easy to assemble, has the steadiness of a "non-racer", is easy to learn and can be sailed by anyone, and can be quickly and easily stowed in almost any car.

Wind Chaser Land Sailor Go-Kart WNDCHSR

Wind Chaser Land Sailor Go-Kart WNDCHSR
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Wind Chaser Land Sailor FAQ's:

Q. What is a land sailor?
A. The best description is “its a three wheeled, wind powered go-cart.

Q. How difficult is it to land sail?
A. If you sail already it will be very easy, however, if you have no sailing experience, the basics can be learned in less than an hour.

Q. How do I get started?
A. Just buy a Wind Chaser®, take it to a nearby open space when you have a modest wind and go to it. Another way is to attend an event. Local events are generally better as they are more relaxed although any event will do. See the listing of local clubs and contact someone near you. Like most sporting enthusiasts, land sailors love to talk about their sport.

Q. How fast will the Wind Chaser go?
A. Not recommended for speeds over 25 m.p.h.

Q. How can I judge how strongly the wind is blowing?
A. There are quite inexpensive hand held wind speed meters available that will work up to 30 m.p.h. that cost from $25 and up. If it hits 25 m.p.h. or higher, you should think twice before land sailing or use the optional smaller sail.

Q. Where can I sail?
A. On any hard surface of reasonable size; pavement, sand, grass, and/or dirt. Optional balloon tires for beach and desert use.

Q. Can the Wind Chaser® be used on ice and on the beach?
A. Yes to both. Our ice sailing version is really a modification to our basic Wind Chaser® replacing the wheels with ice blades we sell. Optional balloon tires for beach and desert use are available that give a better ride on softer or more uneven surfaces.

Q. How much space do I need?
A. A large open area with space enough to turn through all points of the wind.

Q. Who can sail the Wind Chaser™?
A. You don't have to be big or strong to land sail. The Wind Chaser® will accommodate people who can reach the steering assembly foot bars. The maximum load capacity is 225 lbs.

Q. How risky is land sailing?
A. Its not any more risky than cross country bike riding. Wear a motorcycle helmet, gloves and sturdy foot wear. Goggles are also recommended when sailing at sites where dust or sand may be air borne. The Wind Chaser® may be used in wind speeds up to 20 m.p.h. Like operating any other vehicle, use common sense and good judgement and always supervise children.

Q. Can the Wind Chaser® tip on its side?
A. Yes, it is possible to tip it on its side, but its not that easy to do. If you should find this happening with a rise in wind speed or a sudden gust, just let out the main sheet so the sail will spill the wind and you will come back down onto all wheels.

Q. So is it really dangerous?
A. Obviously this depends a lot on the land sailor you choose and less than you might think on the amount of wind. Land Sailors and Landyachts as well as Iceboats have a 'terminal' speed. Most racing boats are not much faster in a 30 mph wind than they are in an 18 mph wind. It just feels a LOT faster because the steering of the cart may be more sensitive. The reasonable top speed of some land sailors is a bit over 50 mph although they usually are not sailed much over 40. A fast racing sailor in a lot of wind will go 70 or 80 mph. The fastest race boat went 99 mph in a 30 mph wind. For purpose built speed boats, the Iron Duck currently holds the record at 116.7 mph.

However, our Wind Chaser® is not a land speed craft or a racing land sailor but a solid family fun eco-sport cart with a smaller sail. It is designed for everyone to be able to sail successfully, NOT as an extreme sport product.

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